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Modern toiletA frequent sound on entering a hotel room in Japan is that of the toilet rebooting. This can be a bit disconcerting since one wonders why noisy printer-like sounds are coming from the bathroom. But it does bring to light the question of what does a modern toilet require?

The plain old toilet which requires no electrical outlet is a dying breed. In the winter one can not live without a warm toilet seat. And a quick wash and dry after completing your business with the built in bidet is a must for many around the world. The temperature of the water and seat need to be independently adjustable. In public restrooms the toilet should create masking sounds to avoid embarrassment and wash itself between users.

These are just the bare essentials. The toilet should take care of sanitation, remove odors, and even check our health. A network connection would allow for keeping track of family health trends. Home toilets need to recognize the user to properly configure the seat and bidet. A wireless remote to make setting adjustments easy, with fixed controls serving as a backup when the remote gets misplaced.

On completion the toilet should self-flush and cleanup. If the toilet paper starts to run low then alerts go out to reorder.

Roman community toilet The toilet has been around in various forms for thousands of years, yet it still keeps changing. If the toilet can become your doctor, will it become your masseuse giving massages as well? Will you be able to trust it with your secrets? Once connected to the network, what will hackers make it do?

What is missing from your toilet and how much functionality do you think it really needs?

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2 Comments on “Toilet Tech”

  1. MelechRic Says:

    Your “masking sounds” link reminded me of a discussion on

    The third comment in the discussion seems appropriate.


  2. Kazuhiro Tamura Says:

    Thank you for your blog.
    Most new type toilet can automatic open , cleaning and closing.